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About Willochra Burmese Cats

Six years ago while living in southwest W.A. I bought my first show and breeding Burmese girl. Little did I know that over the next few years I would be fortunate enough to add to my feline family until today we have at least one of each of the 10 Burmese colours. We usually have kittens available in most colours but are now also specialising in reds, cream and gorgeous “ naughty tortie” girls.

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A few of our beautiful Burmese blue and blue torties playing

Luck was certainly with me as I was able to combine 2 lines from very experienced W.A. breeders who had each been producing quality Burmese for more than 30 years. When I made the move to scenic northeast VIC in mid 2008 my best 4 Burmese came with me. My 2 “earth mums” are half-sisters, “Roellen Georgia Brown” and her blue sister, “Roellen Joan of Arc”. Bred by Irene and Ron Weber. Their lines have as father and grandfather respectively platinum GD CH Bambino Coronet, imp UK . Both girls have wonderful type and temperaments, but their special quality is their nuturing nature. Each produces large litters of healthy, strong kittens, but also happily help any new mums.

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Third in our family of 4 was Handsome Red Boy Gold Double Grand & Ancats Champion.  Malingbu Red Carlo from Margaret (international cat judge) and Harry Bush in Perth. “Romeo” was a kitten full of personality, with a wonderful gentle temperament who grew into a handsome red stud, performing at a very early age. He purrs the moment anyone pats him and would happily play with kittens when given any opportunity. He is a very special, much loved stud and I am so grateful to have his attributes coming through strongly in his progeny. In his first litter “Romeo” produced a red girl, gorgeous (grand champ.) “Willochra Scarlett O’hara”, my fourth Burmese to make the trip from west to east.

When we made the big move to our 40 acre block between Benalla and Wangaratta the 4 Burmese and 2 miniature Apricot Poodles settled in quickly. The house and surrounds were altered to accommodate the “4-legged family” in comfort and security. All our queens and kittens live in the house, with large fully-enclosed verandahs leading to spacious garden enclosures. They enjoy the best of both worlds, as they can climb trees and play, protected from the elements by shadecloth, with antique dressers & padded shelving to snuggle in. All my Burmese get on well together and visitors are quickly nursing happy, purring Burmese as we chat in the large family or lounge rooms.

Sadly the stud boys can’t be in the house but have a good lifestyle.  They enjoy the music in their large new, very clean quarters, complete with furniture, snuggly boxes containing comfortable beds, large scratchy poles, vinyl floors and also spacious garden enclosures. When necessary the fans or heaters are there to be used. The boys can enjoy the views from their windows, keeping an eye on the house and garden while watching numerous birds and sometimes wallabies from the windows. Most importantly they receive quality attention and love daily and I believe this is so important with stud boys. They may need to be housed separately but to keep their wonderful loving personalities they deserve and receive as much TLC as queens and kittens in the house. The boys happily enjoy each others company, talking through their screen doors and demonstrating their superb Burmese temperament to all.

The last 18 months have seen new additions to the feline family, either from our own breeding or well-bred adults or kittens offered to us by other breeders. Not only is their type important but temperament is paramount, especially when adding to our blended family. It is essential that all our cats co-exist very happily together and even 2 additional adult stud boys have settled in well during 2010. The fact that 3-4 studs, along with 5-6 girls or kittens can travel happily together to Melbourne shows demonstrates their wonderful easy-going natures, a result of so much TLC and attention. As the “family” has grown so the facilities have expanded. There will never be Burmese queens and kitttens housed in outside runs here at “Willochra”. They are family and happily snuggle up together, impressing visitors with their loving, intelligent, confident and playful natures. Many people comment they are amazed such a number of cats coexist so happily and often 8-10 adults are playing games in living areas as the kittens are smooching up to everyone.