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Burmese Cats

About The Burmese Cat Breed

Burmese are one of the most popular pedigree cat breeds in Australia today. They are friendly, outgoing and love to be around people, so well suited to families. They are medium sized and males usually a little larger than girls. They have rounded heads with stunning golden yellow eyes and gorgeous  fine, glossy short coats which are a distinctive feature of the Burmese.

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A lovely Willochra brown burmese kitten

Information is readily available about the history of the breed and the most easily recognised colours brown, chocolate, blue and lilac.

After I read various books and saw colour photos I fell in love with reds and creams and the gorgeous tortie colours which result from the “o gene”. These tortie girls are affectionately referred to as “naughty torties” as their personalities can be even more full of fun and confidence. Every tortie is different, the markings are never the same and can be really striking, especially the brown torties. We do breed all 10 Burmese colours but now specialise in the magnificent reds, creams and our “Willochra” tortie girls are usually a beautiful mix of colours, nicely blended, rather than the more patched, harlequin types.

What Dr Harry, Australia’s favourite vet say’s about Burmese cats.

“You have to forgive me for being prejudiced as my wife and I have been breeding these fantastic felines for more than 20 years. Temperament is paramount in any breed and although we breed for show, 90 percent of our kittens find homes as pets. Burmese are the labradors of the cat world, the ultimate in laid-back living with the males a trifle more active than the girls. Burmese come in a range of colours, including brown, chocolate, blue, lilac, cream and red. The females also come in tortoiseshell variants of the first four of these colours. Burmese eyes should be golden and the face has a pronounced ‘stop’ on the bridge of the nose. Their coat is short and easily managed with a weekly brush and there are no special dietary requirements. In essence, if you want a dog and don’t have room a Burmese will adapt to inside living with consummate ease. As any owner will tell you there’s only one thing better than a Burmese and that’s two of them.”